machetes and hoes

Leutigaards, daar in Angola:

The national flag shall consist of two colours in horizontal bands. The upper band shall be bright red and the lower one black and they shall represent:
Bright red – the blood shed by Angolans during colonial oppression, the national liberation struggle and the defence of the country.
Black – the African continent.
In the centre there shall be a composition formed by a segment of a cog wheel, symbolising the workers and industrial production; a machete symbolising the peasants, agricultural production and the armed struggle; and a star, symbolising international solidarity and progress. The cog wheel, the machete and the star shall be yellow, symbolising the country’s wealth.

Ik vind dat eigenlijk wel straf, dat ze in de blazoenering zo openlijk naar het moorddadige karakter van het landbouwtuig verwijzen.

In het wapenschild is het ook van dat:

The insignia of the Republic of Angola shall be formed by a segment of a cog wheel and sheaves of maize, coffee and cotton, representing respectively the workers and industrial production, the peasants and agricultural production. At the foot of the design, an open book shall represent education and culture, and the rising sun shall represent the new country. In the centre shall be a machete and a hoe symbolising work and the start of the armed struggle. At the top shall be star symbolising international solidarity and progress. In the lower part of the emblem shall be a golden band with the inscription ‘Republic of Angola’.” (Q)

De ronde omlijsting vind ik dan weer wel goed gevonden.


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